Making sense of our lives

Christians believe we are both physical and spiritual beings. It’s as we understand our spiritual stories that we can begin to make sense of who we are and why we are here.


Understanding Our Spiritual Stories

Commencing in January 2019, Inner West Spiritual Care is a collaboration between The Joshua Tree, Presbyterian Aged Care and HammondCare.

As a partnership inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, Inner West Spiritual Care exists to help people make sense of their stories.

We have a particular concern for the ageing in the inner west and a desire to help others also care for the ageing in our community.

It commenced in 2019 to equip people in the Inner West to provide training with spiritual care.

Throughout the year we will be running the Spiritual Care Training Series at local churches to equip volunteers to care for people in their neighbourhoods.

And we’ll be running drop-in support groups to provide ongoing assistance to spiritual carers.

We’re building our website to be a growing place of relevant resources.

Remembrance and Hope

Remembrance services around the Inner West for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.


Spiritual Care Training Series

During 2020 we will run Altura Training’s Spiritual Care Series to train people in Sydney’s Inner West to provide spiritual care for the ageing.


Who's Behind Inner West Spiritual Care?

Inner West Spiritual Care is a partnership between Hammond Care, Presbyterian Aged Care, The Joshua Tree (Petersham) and other local churches.